Our Founders

Padmini Doobay

Padmini Doobay founded Chico's Non-Profit Organization in 2013, to reconnect and contribute to her native homeland of Guyana. Padmini was born in Guyana and raised in New York City, where she currently works as a Nurse Practitioner. Chico's NonProfit is in recognition of the hard work and values of Padmini's parents and in further memory of her father (Pitamber Singh) who passed in 2010. Through Chico's assistance kids will be provided with the basic necessities of clothes and educational supplies in order to allow them to focus on academic pursuits.

Sedesh (Sedi) Doobay

Sedi Doobay is the co-founder of Chico's Non-Profit Organization and was born in Essequibo Guyana. Sedi's parents and grandparents have a long legacy of contributions to Guyana and through Chico's Sedi hopes to continue making positive contributions to his native homeland. Sedi resides in the New York area and is a corporate attorney. 

Chico’s was formed in June 2013 as a New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation** by Sedesh and Padmini Doobay.  Padmini made a trip to Guyana with medical colleagues in 2011 and 2012, where she shipped clothes and school supplies and distributed them at various locations (The Joshua House, an orphanage in Georgetown and at the Radha Krishna temple in Essequibo).

Sedesh and Padmini wish to continue and grow such charitable activities by raising funds and supplies from friends, family and the public in the U.S., and sending clothes, educational and recreational materials, to Guyana.  Chico’s, the name being inspired by a bubble gum popular with kids in Guyana, will establish relationships with local charitable organizations in Guyana to assist with the logistics and distribution of items. Chico’s will not donate funds or supplies directly to other organizations but rather all such funds and supplies will go directly to children in indigent regions in Guyana.

What We’re Doing

Recent Projects

June 2017 - Trip to Guyana

Clothes and educational supplies from donors in the U.S. will be distributed to indigent children in Guyana. The Joshua House ,an orphanage located in Georgetown, Guyana,  and the Radha Krishna temple in Essequibo. will assist this ensuring those in need receive the items directly.